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What Makes Conroe one of the Best Places to Live in Texas

What Makes Conroe one of the Best Places to Live in Texas

We might be biased, but Conroe is one of the best places to live in Texas. 


Located in Montgomery County, Conroe is a medium-sized city about 40 miles north of Houston and is considered to be a principal city in the Houston–The Woodlands–Sugar Land metropolitan area. While it used to be considered a small town, Conroe is beginning to make its mark on the map. In the past ten years, its population has almost doubled and in 2020 alone, it increased by 44%. This highlights the city’s recent tremendous growth and economic boom. 


This has positively impacted the housing/renting market, job sector, school system, and overall quality of life for residents of Conroe. 


Conroe has always been a great place to live in Texas, but now the city is able to provide more job/financial stability and exciting activities for its residents. 


Here are some of the top reasons why Conroe is one of the best places to live in Texas:

Affordable Cost of Living in Conroe

The cost of living in Conroe is one of the many reasons why so many growing families and young adults choose to live here. For those with Houston-based careers, the affordability of Conroe makes the Conroe-Houston commute worth it. 


Compared to the rest of the country, Conroe’s cost of living is 5.1% lower than the United States’ average. While compared to Houston, Conroe’s cost of living is only 0.4% cheaper, the real difference between the two areas is in regards to transportation, which includes bus fares and gas prices. Transportation is 27% cheaper in Conroe which is pretty significant and impacts everyone who has a car or utilizes the city’s transportation. 


Additionally, Conroe’s housing expenses are 11% lower than the national average and the utility prices are 13% lower. Lastly, Conroe has grocery prices that are 5% lower than the national average.


While this is getting a bit into the nitty gritty of Conroe’s economy, these are extremely important consideration factors for growing families and young adults trying to save money while still living comfortably. 


Living in Conroe makes it a bit easier for residents to stabilize their finances and start meeting new goals. 

Small City Atmosphere

Everyone wants to live somewhere with fun activities and a bit of a nightlife, but no one wants to deal with all of the big drawbacks that come with living in a big city — traffic, noise, no privacy, and so on. 


With Conroe, you get all of the city fun without any of the drawbacks. 


With more access to more land, apartments aren’t tightly packed together and you feel like you actually have space to live your life while still being a part of a community. Plus, traffic is minimal, making driving somewhere not such a big hassle anymore. 


On the other hand, a big fear many people have with moving to a “small town” is losing what we could label as mental privacy versus the physical privacy one might lose in a big city. However, that is not the case.


For example, as a resident of Conroe, the local coffee shop might know your go-to order but your next door neighbors won’t know every little detail about you. It’s the perfect balance between anonymity and community. 

City Close to Houston

As mentioned earlier, Conroe is about 40 miles north of Houston which is an extremely short drive for the state of Texas (a place where it takes 14 hours to drive from one end to the other). 


Being so close to Houston is a huge perk for Conroe residents. If there is a restaurant, club, or activity you’re looking for that Conroe doesn’t have, you’re just a short drive away from a city that will. 


Houston has museums, zoos, festivals, concerts, markets, and more! It basically makes up for the parts of Conroe that are still a small town. 

Conroe’s School District (CISD)

Conroe has an extremely high-rated school district known as CISD. Conroe ISD is a community of individuals working together to achieve the best for students. The District is proud of the accomplishments of the students, teachers, and administrators who have helped make it a great palace to be. 


Conroe ISD is one of the fastest growing school districts in the State with an average enrollment growth of approximately 1,500 students per year.


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